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Cool Coffee Clique

Make A MANgo Wild Hot Loose Leaf Tea

Make A MANgo Wild Hot Loose Leaf Tea

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Relax and have a cup of our rich and flavorful tea. Our tea leaves are harvested from the most robust tea plantations across the world. We carefully chose our tea blends , and thoroughly preserved them to deliver a refreshing and bold aromatic combination while keeping the tea’s tasty arrangement of flavors. Cool Coffee Clique herbal tea has that special recognizable and undeniable essence of taste that will redefine everything you thought you wanted in a herbal tea. Let us awe with our heavenly herbal brew. Tea time will not ever be the same!

It’s certain things in life that makes us smile, like making a Mango Wild! However, in this case it's Cool Coffee Clique’s Make A MANgo Wild Hot Loose Leaf Tea. This premium tea is blended with bold breezy mango flavors that will have you feeling summer is around the corner whenever you enjoy it!

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