The Purple Code for Social Media

The Purple Code for Social Media

Are you familiar with the proper practices for representing your Olbali business on social media? Misrepresenting yourself on social media can result in some pretty serious consequences that affect your Olbali business so it's important to know the rules and stay safe. 

What is The Purple Code?

The Purple Code is a handy guide we created to help you understand the Olbali Business guidelines for social media and make sure you're staying within the company business policies. 

What are the rules for The Purple Code?

Well, there aren't many rules but the ones that exist are very important. Let's dive into them below. Starting with...

Rule #1: Make sure you do not use the Olbali logo in your profile pic.

Using the Olbali logo in your profile image can be confusing for customers because it makes it look like your social media is an official social media account for the company. For example, a customer may reach out to your page thinking you're able to resolve issues with their order or update a shipping address. 

We're here so you don't have to do those things. All you should have to focus on is running your independent business and growing your team. So instead, it's better to make sure your profile pic is a nice professional headshot or something that represents you.

Rule #2: Make sure your social media handle doesn't look like the official Olbali page.

For the same reasons as above, you don't want to confuse customers on social media by having a name that looks too similar to the company. Instead it should follow the naming convention listed below in rule #5. 

Rule #3: Always represent yourself as an independent Olbali Business Associate. 

Whether in person or online, you are always an independent Olbali Business Associate. Although our corporate team is here to support you in operating your business, it is important that this distinction is clear.

Be sure not to misrepresent yourself as someone that works for Olbali or has any other relationship with Olbali beyond an independent business. 

Rule #4: Your Olbali link should not look or perceive to be the Olbali Official page. 

When you first signed up as an Olbali Business associate, you chose the name that displays in the link you share with customers to purchase products from you. However, this name should not look or sound anything like it could be mistaken for an official company link/page.

For example, if your name is Jane Doe and your business name is Plain Jane LLC, acceptable names for your link can be

  • or something similar. 

Examples of unacceptable links would be


and anything else that includes the word "Olbali". If your name doesn't fall under the acceptable options, please sign into your Olbali account and change it so your business account is not affected.  

Rule #5: If you include Olbali in your social media handle, it must be at the end of your name and preceded by an underscore.

We understand that many associates would like to keep a separate social media page dedicated to their olbali business. And while it is absolutely not required to include "olbali" anywhere in your social media handle (even if its for your Olbali business), some would still like to indicate that the page is independently affiliated with the company. 

To make sure you are within company guidelines, do not include olbali anywhere in the front of your social media handle. Instead, add an underscore and place the word "olbali" at the end of the handle. 

Acceptable Use Examples

  • @plainjane_olbali
  • @janedoe_olbali

Unacceptable Use Examples

  • @olbaliplainjane
  • @olbalijanedoe
  • @olbali_janedoe

As with the Olbali link, if your social handle doesn't fall within the acceptable use guidelines, please update your handle immediately. 

Some final words...

These few rules are in place to protect you as an Olbali Business Associate and to make sure that Olbali is always represented properly as a company. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support and we'll be happy to get them answered for you. 

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