Olbali: Making products that make an impact.

Olbali: Making products that make an impact.

Olbali is an International Consumer Goods Company founded by Courtney Adeleye, also founder of The Mane Choice Hair Care Brand. Courtney is known as the unyielding Brand Builder, thoroughly constructing her brands in ground-breaking and innovative  fashion to cause creative shifts and disruptions in the industries where they compete. Courtney’s business sentiments has always been if you cant make it better dont make it at all” Courtney leads the Olbali Organization with the wavering banner of innovation, diversity, and variation while keeping consumer satisfaction as the ground rule.

Through the Olbali Organization, Courtneys aim and mission is to serve, uplift and to leave a positive impact on her community. This is what sets Olbali aside from other leading organizations.

Olbali serves as the mother company to Lily Frilly, Cool Coffee Clique, Foolproof Body, Poptritional, Pytched, Generational Advantage Fund and the Bawse Conference. Through these brands Olbali seeks the opportunity to implement positive change across the world.

Olbali carries the business code principles of running day to day operations with transparency, integrity, and honesty, setting the bar of high ethical standards for their employees and consumers. Olbali's business principles drives their interaction of business with fellow business partners, customers and staff. 

Olbali practices the core values of integrity, transparency, responsibility and pioneering. As they grow among new industries and markets, mobilizing new facilitators of expertise, and face new challenges, these core values guide their staff in the decisions and actions they embark upon each and every day.

Olbali sets to make a continuous positive influence within their brands, commercial affairs, social contributions and other business engagements. They are dedicated to continuously improve and regulate their influence and long-standing goal of sustaining impeccable business.

They want their brands to be familiar favorites across the world, and are continuously using insight and innovation to make sure that their brands perform optimally for consumers and the issues that concern them.

Olbali strives for an impeccable organization. However, they know this can not be accomplished without their customers receiving that level of greatness within their brands. Their purpose and goal is to keep quality, excellence and innovation at the heart of their business model.

The world is steadily changing and moving forward and so is the Olbali organization. They are continuously making their brands future-fit, adaptable and superior.

Olbali along with their extraordinary staff are diligently and unceasingly working on the vision and understanding of anticipating and moving on trends that shape industries and the world. As an organization they want to remain highly skilled and high performing for their customers, redefining the way business is executed now and for the future.

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